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Chandos Lake
Kim Cranfield
Owner, South Bay Marketing and Events
About Me

I’ve been in the Kawartha Lakes area making connections and working with local businesses since 2013. Specializing in the Ontario Craft Beer industry, I established the Kawartha Craft Beer Festival in 2015. With a lot of hard work and support from the community, the festival has gone from a one-day event attended by 1,500 people to a two-day celebration drawing 5,000 attendees. As the Marketing Director of the largest craft brewery in the Kawartha region, I spent six years growing the brand with events such as the square nail pig roast, beer education series, and an affiliated restaurant. Now I’m expanding my services to include a wider range of businesses in the area.


I’ve been a Peterborough resident for six years, but my ties to the Kawarthas run much deeper. Living in this community allows me to be close to the family cottage on Chandos Lake. The property has been handed down to Cranfields for more than 65 years and I chose to name my business after the bay where it’s located. Peterborough has become my home. It’s where I bought a house, it’s where I met my husband, and it’s where I’ve chosen to start a business. My hope is to contribute to the city with memorable, impactful events that showcase the Kawarthas I know and love.

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